Retail Audit – In Store

Retail Audit – In Store

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Here at Scout, we know how important it is to create and maintain your business brand. With the ever-changing retail market, it can sometimes take just one ‘post’, bad review or media article to create a negative impact on the business’ reputation. It’s hard to keep track of all the contact points between your business and its target customers, leading to uncertainty about where and when your business is one the mark and where it may need improvement. Additionally, with the implementation of stricter workplace health and food safety standards across a range of retail outlets, the risk of injury and illness creates the potential for financial losses and impacts on your brand reputation.

We can create a customised auditing strategy, so that you get regular reporting of the effectiveness, quality and consistency of your brand and its products. The range of measurement points is endless; product placement and presentation, marketing strategy implementation, workplace health and safety adherence, staff presentation and product knowledge, brand awareness and impact, customer access to advertised promotions. These and many more are the real-life data points that will show you where your business is thriving, where it hasn’t met your training standards or franchise agreements, and where the areas of urgent need are.

For food and beverage retail outlets, adherence to food safety laws and regulations is an additional compliance issue that can be complicated and have great room for error. Our specialist team have extensive experience in ensuring that each branch or franchise of your business is providing safe, consistent, high quality food and beverages at every outlet, every day. They can even tailor food auditing documentation and strategies for your business, with the aim of ensuring every customer walks away satisfied on each and every visit!

Information is gathered by our highly trained team of auditors, using subjective data capture techniques and photo documentation. This allows you to see exactly how your brand is being presented and assess it’s effectiveness in real-time. Completing regular audits not only ensures optimal product placement and presentation, it will also provide a benchmark for retail partner feedback, providing an aligned goal to improve sales and customer experiences, as well as increasing brand awareness.

Our reporting platform provides you with the ability to aggregate data from each of your retail outlets over time and based on location. This allows you to make actionable decisions that are guaranteed to reduce inefficiencies, drive sales and increase overall revenue. You can monitor the impact of marketing strategy implementation, advertising expenditure and staff training programs, to measure cost-effectiveness and ultimately make better decisions on how to boost your brand and its products.

Contact our incredible ScoutMI retail audit agency team today to find out how we can help you transform your business and brand from ordinary to ‘extraordinary’ with our proven and valuable research strategies.